Bass Guitar Tuition

Lessons to Develop Strong Musicianship
As a bass teacher I can help you develop the skills required to play with strength, confidence and authority. I offer bass guitar lessons from my home in Wallasey near Liverpool, UK but can also offer lessons via SKYPE.
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‘How do musicians do what they do?’ ‘What does it take to play in a band?’ ‘How can I create pleasing music on my instrument?’ ‘Do I have what it takes to play in front of others?’

If you’ve ever asked any of those questions I can help you. If you’d like to learn to play bass guitar and follow in the footsteps of musicians you love, then I can offer you lessons in a relaxed and friendly environment. You will develop a thorough understanding of the bass guitar, play with good technique and timing and develop a strong sound while learning to create meaningful music.

It’s not as hard as you might think to play with strength and authority and make a band sound good. That’s the bass player’s job and it’s an important one! The trick is to know what your choices are, what to play and what to leave out. It is also vital to understand what has come before and that’s why we study the history of modern bass playing by transcribing bass lines from important recordings.

I have lots of resources to help you learn; music books, transcriptions of basslines and solos, a big itunes library, a Mac based recording system… all of these make the lessons fun and interesting and can help you develop the various important aspects of playing bass.

The most important element, however, is you! If you can commit to a regular practise routine to work on the things discussed in the lesson, you’ll have the potential to develop as a musician and will sound strong, confident and create a sound that fulfils you and your audience. You’ll be the bass player everyone wants to play with!

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‘I’ve been playing for some time but there are gaps in my knowledge.’ ‘I want more fluency on the instrument.’

We all struggle from time to time with the level of our musicianship. The answer is to understand the requirements, face up to our weaknesses and master the unfamiliar.

The presence of an objective observer (in this case a tutor) can help with recognising areas that need to be developed and worked on. It’s sometimes as simple as realising what you need to fix. I can help you find the answers which more often than not come from a thorough understanding of the instrument in terms of harmony.

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Bass lessons take place in my small home studio in Wallasey, Merseyside, UK. The room is equipped with many resources to help make lessons enjoyable and informative.

I have a range of books ranging from beginner bass methods to advanced jazz theory, transcriptions of important basslines from popular music history, walking basslines from the important jazz players, jazz solos from various instruments, and many other books covering improvisation, bassline construction, scale/chord exercises, note-reading studies and more…

I can print and photocopy during the lesson so the student is able to take home materials for practise.

I also have a Mac-based system from which we can listen to a huge range of music in my itunes library. Combined with Spotify online, we can listen to pretty much any song you wish to learn.

My studio set-up comprises a mixing desk and studio monitors which means both the student and I can plug in and be heard at the same time. You will only need to bring your bass to lessons.

I also run popular recording software such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live so students can practise recording bass parts to listen back and be analysed. This is a great way to hear yourself from a different perspective. I have a controller keyboard connected to the computer which is useful for demonstrating chords and chord progressions. I can also create playalong tracks for the student to practise to at home. I recently added Native Instruments Maschine which provides a great way of playing along to drum patterns.

The studio is a nice environment for your bass lessons to take place. I’m sure you will enjoy your sessions here.

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I’d heartily recommend anyone considering lessons to go and see Steve. I’d been playing on and off for 20 years, been in several bands, and was an ‘OK’ bass player. However, I was frustrated with certain aspects of my playing (specifically my fingering and speed), and knew I could be better. I spoke to Steve, and have been having lessons for the last few months, working specifically around what I wanted to achieve.

As a result, my playing has improved to the extent that I can now comfortably play songs that I couldn’t manage before. I’m also much more comfortable in a band/gig/jam environment, as I’m more confident with my own playing. As Steve says, it’s about helping me develop as a player. I just wish I’d done this 20 years ago!
I have had some lessons off Steve in an effort to improve various elements of my playing and would recommend him.
I had my first lesson with Steve today and really enjoyed it. He’s easy going and certainly knows his stuff. I felt both challenged and inspired to learn. Let’s hope this is the start of a new chapter in my bass life.
Just wanted to add that I also had a lesson with Steve this week. I’m a newbie to this bass playing malarky. Steve was great – really helpful and good at explaining stuff. Also he’s a really nice guy. I would happily recommend him to others. I’ve already booked my next lesson!



I’ll just add a word of recommendation here. Steve depped for me on a function and was reported by the band as having done “an awesome job”. Add that to the feedback he’s getting for his teaching abilities and it’s got to be a good bet.
Jake Newman

As a fellow pro player/teacher, I would fully recommend Steve – I’ve seen him play and he’s very very good, and most importantly, a really nice bloke! Bit like me but based in Wallasey!!
Nick Smith