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I’ve always dreamed of writing my own music, developing my own sound and ideas into something that other people would want to listen to. For the longest time it’s remained a dream, something that other people do and do well, but something I only mess round with.

Probably like so many of us, I have a hard drive full of short ideas, undeveloped phrases, potential songs and pieces that could possibly be crafted into something good. Or not. I don’t know, because they remain undeveloped.

I rarely play anybody my own ideas out of a fear that their response will confirm what I believed all along… that my efforts are probably worthless.*

Very recently, however, I shared a long car journey with a band-mate friend of mine and we began sharing some of our music together. He’d played me some of his work he’d written and recorded years ago which I don’t think had been played to many people. I don’t know why. It was great music, well written, well produced, a good mix and some very interesting ideas. It really opened up my ears to another side of my friend’s talents and abilities.

Because of that I felt able to play him a few of my experiments, just to gauge his reaction. I started by preparing him for what he was about to hear…. ‘It’s not finished, it’s just a rough improvisation, it’s not as well played as it could be, it’s just what came out when I recorded it, I haven’t developed it, it’s not mixed, the drums are too loud, I know there’s a lot of work to be done, don’t judge me, don’t hate me, don’t leave me alone weeping on the motorway…’ That kind of thing.

He listened, he liked it, he thought it was going to be much worse than it was based on my pre-listening explanation but he was actually very encouraging about the music.

So, I learned a lesson. We shouldn’t let fear stop us. Be brave and let people hear your music and make up their own mind. If they don’t like it they won’t listen again and you’ve lost nothing but rather might have gained a little more appreciation for who you are and what you do from others as they learn about this, until now, hidden side of your creative personality. If they do like it, you WILL be encouraged and motivated by their response.

So, I’m going to put that into practise by sharing a little improvised piece I recorded back in 2011.

Just a warning, it’s not finished, it’s just a rough idea……. 😉

*My efforts (and yours) are absolutely NOT worthless. Thanks.



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