Steve on Bass: Club Classics

Hi all, Check out this video I was part of recently promoting the Club Classics project. I hope you enjoy it. Steve    

Aguilar Amplification

Over the years I’ve played through a lot of different bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets; In the order I owned them… Peavey, Trace Elliot, Eden, SWR, Markbass, Bergantino and where rigs have been provided at gigs and festivals Hartke, Gallien Krueger and Ampeg, among others I…

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Merseyside Bass Tuition Facebook Page

Hi all, Just a note to say if you’d like to connect on Facebook I have a page for the tuition service which you might like to follow me on. Come and say hello and feel free to ask any questions relating to performing and…

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Practise by Recording

How do you feel about your playing when you sit down to record. Are you confident that you’ll capture good takes, that you’ll play your ideas with consistency and great feel? Does the thought of the red recording light coming on fill you with a…

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Music First, Ego Last

Feel first, virtuosity second. If you haven’t got good feel, everything else counts for nothing. Why do we get so easily distracted by the unimportant stuff? Why is it often so hard to discipline ourselves to play only what’s required when we are being creative? It…

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Staying in Control

Here are some of my notes from a workshop I was fortunate enough to lead in Latvia in March 2011. To create a successful bassline or musical idea we must always be in control of what we are trying to do. Think of music as…

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