Steve on Bass: Andy Billington’s ‘Mercy Mercia’

Mercy Mercia

I was happy to play bass on six of the songs on my friend Andy Billington’s latest album, Mercy Mercia.

I’ve known Andy since we were at University together in Southampton in the early 90’s and have seen him develop into an excellent songwriter. In fact, we met around the time I started to play bass. Andy has developed a songwriting style he describes as ‘a mix of Indie, Pop/Rock and Alternative Folk’.

Mercy Mercia is the most fully developed of Andy’s work and features, in my opinion, his strongest songs to date. His deeply personal songs are full of emotional and lyrical depth which explores themes drawn from the heart of our shared experience; memories of childhood, love and loss, fear and hope.

The album was recorded and arranged by Andy in his own private recording space in Southampton and further production, mixing and mastering took place at Push Music Studios on England’s South coast, by producers Tom Mills and Steve Harding.



In Andy’s words, “I’ve always tried to raise the bar with each new album I’ve made. ‘Mercy Mercia’ is on a much higher level (than my earlier albums) in terms of production and I’ve approached trying to reach each song’s potential in a different way to previously. The album title and themes emerged and developed during the recording process; many of the tracks seem to be grounded almost geographically in the ancient capital of Mercia, where I grew up. I can be very nostalgic and many of the songs reminisce about the years I spent in the village.”

Find out more about Andy Billington and his music here.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think by commenting below!


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