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James Jamerson: The Father of Modern Electric Bass Playing

James Jamerson

I love playing my old Fender Precision bass strung with flatwound strings (LaBella strings, seeing as you were wondering!) and I’m not the only one. For those of us who appreciate the ‘traditional’ nature of playing the bass, it’s the approach that makes sense in so many musical…

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Music First, Ego Last

Feel first, virtuosity second. If you haven’t got good feel, everything else counts for nothing. Why do we get so easily distracted by the unimportant stuff? Why is it often so hard to discipline ourselves to play only what’s required when we are being creative? It…

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Judging Yourself Too Harshly

Recently I sat down to attempt to record a new bass playing video for the teaching page. I had high expectations about what I wanted to achieve but when I listened back, nothing sounded good enough. I couldn’t get anything I was happy with. I…

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Learning the Fundamentals

A common reason for a student booking a bass lesson is this. ‘I’ve been playing for years but have never really understood what I’m doing.’ When we start looking at what and how the student plays it often becomes clear that there is a lack…

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