January 2015 - Bass Performance, Recording, Tuition and Audio Services

Steve on Bass: Club Classics

Hi all, Check out this video I was part of recently promoting the Club Classics project. I hope you enjoy it. Steve    

Aguilar Amplification

Over the years I’ve played through a lot of different bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets; In the order I owned them… Peavey, Trace Elliot, Eden, SWR, Markbass, Bergantino and where rigs have been provided at gigs and festivals¬†Hartke, Gallien Krueger and Ampeg, among others I…

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Merseyside Bass Tuition Facebook Page

Hi all, Just a note to say if you’d like to connect on Facebook I have a page for the tuition service which you might like to follow me on. Come and say hello and feel free to ask any questions relating to performing and…

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